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For LIVE help join #Chatnet
Q: What is ChatNet ?
A: ChatNet is a non-profit IRC network where people over the world gather to chat and have fun. Click here to see a list of the current full linked servers.
Q: Who's ChatNet's rightful owner ?
A: The domain is owned by Nu Tech Software Solutions.
Q: How can I connect on ChatNet ?
A: First of all, depending on the Operating System you use, you need to install and configure a chat client. A list of clients can be found in the software page. Finally, you can use ChatNet's DNS pool on ports 6660 - 6669 to connect on one of our current full linked servers. After connecting to the server it's recommended that you read the server's Message Of The Day with the command /motd. The motd is a document containing administrative and network information such as rules, guidelines, help channels etc. To get a list of the active channels type /list, to list speciffic channel names type /list *<text>* e.g. you need to find a bot loaning channel, the command would be /list *bot*. To join a channel type /join #<channelname> e.g. /join #ircfun.
Q: How can I register my nickname and channel ?
A: To register your nickname with DogTag type /privmsg <your desired password> <your email>. To know how you can register a channel with K9 visit ChatNet CService's web page and follow the "request K9" link.
Q: What are K9 and DogTag ?
A: K9 is ChatNet's channel service bot. K9's purpose on ChatNet is to provide full control to the channels owners through a list of various commands. DogTag is ChatNet's nickname registrations service and it allows you to register your nickname and prevents others from using it.
Q: Who can help me with K9 and DogTag issues ?
A: For more help and information regarding K9 and DogTag visit the CService site. For real time assistance join #doghouse on ChatNet. In case you were unable to get help through the web page and IRC channel you can also mail your request at
Q: What about IRC help in general ?
A: TeamHelp members are always available to help users on their channel #help. To see their web page click here.
Q: And if I need help from an IRC operator ?
A: You can get IRC operator assistance on the channel #ChatNet.
Q: Is there any way to list online IRC operators ?
A: Using ChatWorld you can list online IRC operators, routing members and CService members. The command is /privmsg chatworld opers
Q: Can I be an IRC operator on ChatNet ?
A: The answer is no. Noone would give IRC operator privileges on their server to a total stranger. If you feel like helping users you can apply for a TeamHelp or CService helper. Check their pages for more details.
Q: I was akilled! What can I do now ?
A: Users affected by akills can copy the actual akill message you get uppon connecting to the server and mail it at The abuse committee will contact you for more details. Since K-lines and Z-lines are not global ban lines, users affected by these can contact the admins of the server they were banned from.
Q: Where to report staff abuse ?
A: The ChatNet abuse committee handles these issues. Their channel on ChatNet is #abusecom.
Q: Someone REALLY annoying keeps private messaging me. What can I do ?
A: You can either use your chat client's ignore option (consult your chat client manual for more information) or use the server silence command. Nicknames added to your silence list wont be able to message you. Usage example of the /silence command:
Syntax: /silence <+-nickname>
The + sign adds the given nickname to your silence list while the - sign removes the nickname if it is in the list. To display all nicknames added to your silence list, simply type /silence. The silence command supports wildcards and nick!user@host ignoring too.
Example1: /silence +ircfreak (adds ircfreak nickname to your silence list)
Example2: /silence -ircfreak (removes ircfreak nickname from your silence list)
Example3: /silence +*!*@* (adds the *!*@* mask to your silence list - anyone matching this mask will be blocked from messaging you)
Example4: /silence -*!*@* (removes the given nick!user@host mask from your silence list)
If you still have questions contact
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