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ChatNet is one of the older IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks. Founded in March 1996.  ChatNet has grown into a moderately sized network of over 3000 chatters.  Born out of the ashes of an older network, it was setup by experienced administrators.  By the end of March, Channel Services, as represented by K9, were added to ChatNet.  Due to the user friendliness and uniqueness of K9, ChatNet gathered a loyal, stable user base until repeated intense DoS (Denial of Service) attacks forced many users to temporarily seek new IRC net homes.

ChatNet is governed by a network policy called the Constitution and Guiding Policy (updated policy coming soon).  This document is designed to be the guidelines for the ideals, values, and ideas of the ChatNet IRC network.  ChatNet exists for the enjoyment and entertainment of our users.  It is intended for the free flow of ideas and opinions between individuals.  Individuals should be able to state opinions without being killed or k-lined by administration. ChatNet officials are here to assist in the smooth operation of the network and to ensure users have a pleasant online experience.  To ensure this, anyone impacting the fun and entertaining qualities the network (especially through harassment, flooding, and extreme unprofessionalism or rudeness to users) will likely be removed from the network.

Users seeking assistance regarding ChatNet and IRC in general should have a look to our FAQ page.  A link application is available on routing's web page for those who wish to link their servers on chatnet.

At this point, the ChatNet administration and staff would like to welcome all our new users and thank each and everyone of the loyal users who stood by us during these difficult times.  We would not be here without your support. Thank you.


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