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In order to increase security for our users and prevent illegal IRC activities such as spam and floods from spreading, ChatNet runs the blitzed open proxy monitor (BOPM) service. When a client connects to a ChatNet server, BOPM scans the client for open proxies and determines whether they are really open by using them to connect back to the server. Abused proxies are submitted to a open proxies database (DNSBL) maintained by the Blitzed IRC Network while a temporary or permanent (depending on the BOPM configuration) K-line is added for the client's host on the server. If you find yourself K-lined for using an open proxy, re-configure your proxy consulting the instructions and links provided in this page and visit the BOPM DNS blacklist to remove your host from the database.

Proxy configuration and links
Users running unix socks 4 or socks 5 should check their ACL.
Configuration information
Information and upgrades:
Sygate information:
• Wingate
Latest version:
Detailed help:
• Squid
Detailed help:
• Cisco
Using a insecure password by default, these routers allow easy telnet access to be gained through the router. It's recommded that you change the password to something more secure.
• HTTP connect
Configuration and information:
• HTTP post
WinRoute help:
CacheFlow help:
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